$99 Kilt Outfits

Cheap Kilt Outfits for Sales are the most affordable and cheap kilt outfits. These Kilt outfits packages are suitable for wedding or highlands games. We offer these cheap kilt outfits, including kilt accessories, at more than 40% discount. Our $99 Kilt Tartan Kilt Outfit Package Contains the Following Stuff:

8 Yards Tartan Kilt
Destiny Store offers a wide range of Scottish and Irish Tartan to Offer Kilt Outfit Package. Our All Kilts comes with 800 grams to 1300 grams with 8 yards of fabric. Fabric consumption depends on the size. All Kilts are lined with satin inside for comfort. So our kilt packages are different from other sellers that ship the lighter weight kilts with 400 grams to 500 grams.

Matching Tartan Fly Plaid.
Every $99 Kilt outfit package contains 48" by 48" fly plaid, which is necessary to complete your wedding outfit or Scottish kilt outfit.

Matching Tartan Flashes.
Matching Tartan Flashes have been used along with Scottish kilt socks. It is a necessary kilt accessory to complete the tartan Kilt Outfit.

Choice of Black or White Socks.
Kilt Socks are also a necessary kilt accessory called kilt hose. There are unique socks compare to other socks. These come with Scottish Design to look different. We offer to choose between Black and Off White Color. We can arrange other colors of Scots as well on request.

Choice of Black or White Shirt.
Jacobite Shirt is also called Ghilli Shirt. It is a traditional Kilt Shirt that contains ten eyelets beneath colors. A leather cord comes along each shirt for front closing. According to your choice, you have the option to chose the Kilt shirt between Black, White, Bottle Green or Navy blue.

Black Leather Kilt Belt Adjustable.
A plain leather belt comes along kilt outfit. Every Kilt belt is stitched with velcro to adjust the size according to your requirements. A Buckle is a necessary kilt accessory to use along the leather belt.

Choice of Kilt Buckle for Belt.
There are two types of Belt Buckle for Kilts we offer, the Celtic design which is famous and most liked. Another Buckle is called Scottish Studded. Without Kilt Buckle, you can use the adjustable leather belt.

Quality Leather Sporran.
$99 Kilt Outfit by Destiny Store also having traditional Basic Leather Sporran, which comes with an adjustable belt and chain. This is also a necessary kilt accessory used to keep saving the small stuff.

Kilt Pin (Available Designs Only).
Kilt Pin is used on the front apron of the kilt to show visible. We have a wide range of designs to ship the kilt pin's random design. We try our best to match it with your kilt buckle. We can ship your desired Kilt Pin without any extra cost.

It depends on what we have in stock. We offer the 100% satisfaction guarantee of the high-quality kilt and accessories with surety; you will never find such a fantastic complete kilt outfit deal anywhere at such discounted price.

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