Bushcraft Boreal Anorak

Experience ultimate protection against harsh winter conditions with our customizable Bushcraft Survival Woolen Boreal Anorak. Crafted to endure snowfall, rain, and the biting cold, this anorak is your ideal companion for staying warm and secure in extreme weather.

We proudly present two customized versions of the Anorak Boreal, designed to cater to diverse needs:

Single Layer Boreal:
A lighter option with a single layer of wool, perfectly suited for moderate weather conditions. Despite its lighter weight, this boreal encompasses all the features necessary for resilient outdoor wear.

Double Layer Boreal:
Constructed with two layers of wool, providing exceptional warmth and insulation. Ideal for tackling severe cold weather, this version ensures maximum comfort and protection. Additionally, it can be tailored with cotton, fleece, polyester, or other materials for milder climates upon request.

Waterproof Canvas Boreal:
Our advanced waterproof canvas option is designed for ultimate resilience. This special treatment ensures water resistance, allowing it to be worn over the woolen boreal. This larger, easily wearable version includes Kangaroo Pockets and additional features for heightened security and protection against snowfall or rain. While optional, it's highly recommended for added weatherproofing.

Each boreal offers a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation, providing a balance between functionality and durability. Tailor your gear to suit your needs and weather conditions, ensuring you're prepared for any outdoor adventure or survival situation.


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