Bushcraft Mountain Survival Wool Boreal Anorak


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Bushcraft Mountain Survival Wool Boreal Anorak is Made of 2 Versions. Please choose the Best Right Option of Your Custom Made Anorak Boreal.

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Customize Bushcraft Survival Woolen Boreal Anorak is worn to survive snow falling and rains in winter. Actually, this is perfect clothing to keep yourself warm and safe from hard weather. We have introduced the custom-made 2 Versions of Anorak Boreal which are very useful in Snow Fall, Rainy Weather, and Sun Shining Winter Weather.
Single Layer Boreal
This Boreal is lighter weight and made of a single layer of woolen and with customized lining either polyester or quilted. This is the best option for moderate weather. This boreal has all the features of a double layer of boreal like pockets details and other features.

Double Layer Boreal

Double layer Boreal Anorak comes with woolen upper and woolen lining. It is warmer and heavier than a single-layer Boreal will work perfectly in hard cold weather. This Boreal will come up with all of your expectations for protection.

Water Proof Canvas Boreal
This Anorak Boreal is made of Water-Proof Canvas and its canvas is processed with waterproof treatment so that it may be worn on woolen made Boreal. This waterproof boreal is larger than the other two layers so that it may be worn and put off easily. It also has Kangaroo Pockets and other features to be secure and avoid getting vet in snowfall or rain. This is optional and recommended as an extra accessory.

Following are more details of this amazing Survival Bushcraft Anorak Boreal.
Made of a Double Layer of Wool.
Also Available in a single Layer of Wool.
Velcro on Cuffs to Make Tighten.
Wide Velcro Patches on Both Sleeves.
Two Pockets on Front.
Vent with Zip Closer with Mesh at Underarms.
Deep Kangaroo Pockets and Hidden Pockets Closing with Velcro.
All the features can be seen in pictures.