Argyll Scottish Complete Wedding Kilt Outfit


Please Choose the Size and Color from Following to Complete Your Argyll Scottish Wedding Kilt Outfit.

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Argyll Scottish Wedding Kilt Package have all the accessories to complete your Outfit. This amazing kilt outfit is most affordable package you need to wear at wedding and other family functions. Price of the Outfit is 249$ only which is most suitable choice for you. We support Scottish Culture and encourage the to keep pride up to the mark. We are offering over 75 Tartans to chose one between them. Following are the details of 13 Pieces of Kilt Outfit we are offering. Did not find your Tartan? Check Prince Charlie Outfit for More Tartans Options.

Matching Tartan Kilt, Fly Plaid & Flashes.
Arygll Scottish Tartan Kilt Outfit come with the quality made Tartan of your Clan with Matching Fly Plaid and Flashes. The kilt is regular kilt with 3 leather straps. Fly Plaid is 48" by 48" to wear over Jacobite shirt.

Choice of Jacobite Shirt.
Jacobite Shirt is also called Ghilli Shirt. It is traditional Kilt Shirt which contains 10 eyelets beneath colors. A leather cord comes along each shirt for front closing. You have Option to chose the kilt shirt between Black, White, Bottle Green or Navy blue according to your choice.

Embossed Leather Kilt Belt with Matching Buckle.
You can select from most famous designs from Kilt belts which are stitched with verlcro to adjust the size according to your requirements. A Buckle is necessary kilt accessory to used along leather belt. You can chose matching buckle with embossed belt.

Choice of Socks Socks.
Kilt Socks are also necessary kilt accessory which are also called kilt hose. There are special socks compare to other socks. These come with Scottish Design to look different. You can change your socks between off White, Black or Scottish Green.

Choice of Sporran
Sporran looks beautiful to wear along kilt and sporrans make the kilt outfit more attractive. This kilt outfit comes with the choice Rabbit Fur Sporran, Celtic Embossed Sporran, Pin Lock Kilt Sporran or Matching Tartan Sporran.

Kilt Pin (From Available Designs Only).
Kilt Pin used on front apron of kilt to show visible on front. We have wide range of designs so we ship the random design of kilt. We try our best to match if with your kilt buckle. We can ship you desired Kilt Pin without any extra cost. But it depends what we have in stock.

Brooch are used to fix the fly plaid which was pulled over the shoulder. A beautiful design of Brooch can make your kilt outfit more attractive. Your kilt outfit package will comes with the most beautiful design of brooch as well.

Argyll Scottish Prince Charlie Kilt Jacket
You can chose the different colors of Argyll Scottish Kilt Jacket or Prince Charlie Jacket. We have most famous colors and custom sizing options for best fitting.

Ghillie Brogues or Kilt Shoes
Kilt Shoes or Ghillie Brogues will make your kilt outfit complete. This kilt outfit come with PU Leather made shoes with the option of black and brown color.

Sgian Dubh
Kilt Shoes or Ghillie Brogues will make your kilt outfit complete. This kilt outfit come with PU Leather made shoes with the option of black and brown color.

We offer the 100% satisfaction guarantee the high quality kilt and accessories with surety you will never find such amazing complete kilt outfit deal anywhere at such discounted and affordable price. Need more customized kilt outfit package, feel free to contact any time to our friendly custom support.