Black Rabbit Fur Kilt Sporran


• Made of Natural Black Rabbit Fur.
• Genuine Leather Back.
• With Five Black Tassels.
• Wide Opening Bag Compartment.
• Free Adjustable Leather Belt and Chain.
• Chrome Polished Cantle.
• Ideal to use with all types of Kilts.

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Black Rabbit Fur 5 Tassels Full Dress Kilt Sporran

Full black rabbit fur kilt sporran made of natural rabbit fur comes with 5 tassels comes with genuine leather back. Black rabbit fur kilt sporran is made with high quality chrome polished cantle. Full dress rabbit fur sporran beautifully crafted with five black tassels which match any utility or tartan clan kilt. Our adult size rabbit fur sporran comes with full length adjustable belt and chain. You may get your sporran with other cantle designs.