Brown Jacobite Ghillie Kilt Shirt


Comes in Brown Color.
Wrinkle Recentness Cotton.
Rusted Free Grommets.
Genuine Leather Lace.
Small to 5XL Sizes Available.

In stock

Brown Jacobite Ghillie Kilt shirt is perfect to pair with traditional and modern kilts. Brown Jacobite kilt shirt is designed traditionally and made of cotton blend. Jacobite shirt fabric is breathable and wrinkle resistance and best to use in all seasons. The shirt features the rusted free grommets and real lather made laces. Ghillie shirt is also suitable for jeans, dress pants and trousers as well. Our Jacobite ghillie shirt is stitched bye the experiences hands with great quality of contractions. We have all size from small to 5XL to fit perfectly as you need.