Full Dress Rabbit Fur Sporran


• Contrast Tassels Designed Sporran.
• Made of 100% Natural Rabbit fur.
• Comes with Genuine Leather Back.
• With Five White Rabbit Fur Tassels.
• Wide Opening Bag Compartment.
• Free Adjustable Leather Belt & Chain.
• Chrome Polished Cantle.
• Ideal to use with all types of Kilts.

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Full Dress Rabbit Fur Contrast Tassels Kilt Sporran

Charm of The Scottish Culture full dress black rabbit fur kilt sporran comes with five white contrast tassels design. Our full dress rabbit fur kilt sporran is made of natural rabbit fur with Celtic cantle designs. Our all rabbit fur sporrans are made of natural fur with strong and fine leather backs. Standard adult size rabbit fur sporran is essential accessory of piper or kilt outfit. Feel free to ask for customization to get your own designed sporran as well.