Pin Lock Vegan Kilt Sporran


Pin Lock to Close the Flap.
Standard Adult Size Kilt Sporrans.
Wide and Specious.
Comes with Vegan Belt and Chain.
Made of Faux Leather (PU Synthetic Leather).
Best Choice for Tartan and Modern Kilts.

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The Pink Lock Kilt Sporran Made of Vegan Material is available now for vegans. This traditional sporran is made of 100% Synthetic Leather also known as PU as well. The style of the Pin Lock Sporran is too famous to use all over the world by kilt lovers. It comes with pink lock to close the flap and there is traditional Celtic embossed design on flap and on front as well. There is loop at back to use the belt and chains which are also made of vegan material. The size of sporran is adult size sizes and very specious to keep the necessary stuff inside safe.