Royal Stewart Tartan Bagpipe Kilt Fly Plaid


Brand New.
Comes in Royal Stewart Tartan.
Standard Size of 48" by 48".
Fringed around Cuts to avoid Fraying.
Made of Acrylic Wool.

In stock

Royal Stewart Tartan Bagpipe Kilt Fly Plaid

Scottish Pride Royal Stewart Tartan Kilt Fly Plaid is essential kilt accessory to complete your wedding outfit or Scottish Party Dress. Royal Stewart tartan fly plaids comes in 48" by 48" size and fringed around the two cuts and other two sides are finish fabric selvedges to avoid from fraying. Royal Stewart tartan fly plaid will be best match for your Royal Stewart Tartan Clan Kilt. We also offering the fly plaids in customs lengths to chose between available tartan according to your requirement. Please note that sizes are approximate and can vary or one or two inches.

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